Superheroes unite/children photographer Singapore

I learned two things from this boyish photo shoot:
1. I make pretty darn good crash, boom, pop noises...FOR A GIRL:)
2. I LOVED photographing in this urban setting

Everyone who knows me and my style of photography knows that I love capture the stage the children are in, what books are they reading, what their interests is AT THIS MOMENT, who's their superheroes (apart from their dads of course).

Ok, back to this session. This little superhero is really into Captain America at this moment, so yes there where a lot of "POW" and "BOOM" and jumping around, moving things, climbing. Just like little boys love to do.
Gosh, it was so much fun and did create some pretty amazing photographs and yes...a perfect memory of this little boys interests at this exact moment in life.

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!

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