Photograph the everyday life/singapore children photographer

Photographing the everyday life of your children. As they are now, in this moment. We all know they are growing up so fast, and what they enjoyed doing last year, probably not so much this year. A great way to hang on to those memories is to capture it, and yes, I know not everyone has a camera but most people today has a smartphone, and that is better than nothing, right?! And those pixels in todays phones are quite impressive!

For documenting purposes, you could take a photo here and there, for instance when they are getting ready for school, or using their watercolours creating art, on vacation, going to sleep in their fav PJ's, or you could photograph a day in their life, from morning to evening. Doing what you do as a family. Or focus solely on the kiddos. Make a project out of it, to take one photo everyday when they are doing something different, include favourite toys, the book they love, they way they write their name, tickling their brother...anything you can think of!

And while you are at it...print it. Enjoy it! Make a collage of it! whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the photographs everyday, as a reminder of how blessed you are!

Wishing you a lovely day!

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