Whimsical props/children photographer singapore

If you have stopped by here from time to time, you know that I have an unhealthy thing for incorporating props into my children and family photo sessions. I adore the whimsical feeling of them and they bring the photographs to life AND how happy it makes my client feel!
(I hate to state the obvious  here but isn't she so pretty?!? (gosh sometimes I'm soooo original ha). Ok, back on track here...

The whole point with a photo session, if it's a children session or a family session, is to capture the child or the family as they are NOW and who they really are. At this very moment! 
It becomes a bit more personal if the props are of special meaning to the child (or family) a teddy bear or a favourite book perhaps, which will for sure bring out other memories of childhood looking at your images in 5, 10 and 20 years from now....You will for sure go either "Naaaahhhh...." or "Aaaawwwww...". Promise.

I also provide all the props that I have either made or have had someone make for me, to be used at any photo session. I want the sessions to be meaningful and give that extra dimension to them, so it's important that the props are age appropriate and reflects the child's personality, I plan carefully which props to be used for the particular session, it needs to add value and feel meaningful AND reflect the child (or whole family of course). I also try and stay as organic as I can, using wood, steel etc. I would say balloons is the exception from that rule, when it's organic if feels so much more real and warm rather than plastic, but hey that just fits me and my vision perfectly.
I also always look out for unique props when I travel to bring back and offer in my sessions.

A family session is very rarely only props based, it is more a compliment to the gorgeous images we have already photographed since connection between family members is top priority to capture, and in the middle of the session I bring out the props. Which usually is great fun for both young and adults! And me:).

I have also found that props make the kiddos sit still and have fun with them for a while, especially if they are "runners" which means practically any kid from the age of 1 :).

Hope you are having a lovely day so far!

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