Sassy Mama photo shoot

I love Indian food. I love the colours, the flavours, the texture. 
But I can't cook Indian food (I can barely cook Swedish food so go figure right..) Although after meeting Namita Mehra from the Indian Spicebox I feel a bit more confident, she says that "Anyone can do it". 

Meeting Namita and her gorgeous son (oh boy , look at those eyes) for this Sassy Mama photo shoot was so much fun and we captured incredibly many nice photographs. It was like a typical photo session but indoors, we played, jumped in the bed (well, that doesn't happen on all my outdoors sessions) and cuddled.

I'm so inspired with Namitas social mission with her business, not just filling yours and mine bellies with good nutritious food but filling the bellies that need it the most! For every spice box she sells, 10 children in India are fed a hot meal. If that isn't inspiring us all to do SOMETHING good I am not sure what will....

So all I need to do know is hit the kitchen, open up the Spice Box and start cooking delicious meals for my family. I will let you know, if I can do it...anyone can do it.

For the place to be for all you mamas out there, click here
Indian Spicebox