Playtime/ children photographer singapore

I am pretty sure all little girls loves swinging in the sky, blowing confetti into the wind and hugging their teddy bear (while we are making silly noises to capture those natural laughs) and who can blame them? Not to mention the parents, what is better than seeing your kids having a great time and often they participate in the games as well, so I guess a win win:).

For this photo shoot we used a lot of different props, some that I brought with me (remember I wrote that the whole car was full with props) and some the parents brought to the shoot as well. They really wanted whimsical and magical photos of their baby girl, (well not so much a baby anymore, but she will always be THEIR little baby girl, that's just how we parents roll). Teddy the dog is her favourite and of course we wanted him to join for a few photographs too, I can just see her 20 years from now, looking at the images and remembering Teddy the dog....

Photographing in the silence of the forest, watching the sun set in the horizon making the afternoon heat a bit more bearable we captured some stunning photographs that will remain in this family's life forever. 

If you would be interested in one of our children photo shoots, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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