a swing+kids=FUN!

Small feet running on the pathway, a gorgeous smiling face and pig tails flowing in the wind as she ran towards me to give me a warm hug. I instantly knew it was gonna be a great session.
And it was.

Before the client arrived I had set up both the birch swing and the white tire for us to play with, and we started playing with the white tire, giggling loud in the early morning as the kiddos was helpful pushing each other "higher higher" they went.

Jumping down from the white tire swing, little sister (cheeky must be her middle name) tickled her brother, the expression on her face says it all haha. The image where she is sticking out her tongue actually made it to a canvas in their home, its just adorable and so her!

The last image of them sitting together on the swing, winding down from all the games in the early morning, tells me so much about them, their story. And I am so thankful I was invited to be part of it.

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