The summer that was

I arrived to Sweden  with my youngest two weeks before the rest of the family arrived and during that time we actually had some decent summer weather. But after two weeks the rest of our summer holiday was rather cold and windy. And the odd thing is that we enjoyed at. But perhaps you have to be a Swede living in tropical Singapore to feel that way....

Just outside my door step at my parents home (yup we are spending 6 weeks of summer with my folks...) we have a wonderful vegetable garden with carrots, potatoes, rhubarbs and more. It's truly amazing to be able to pick organic vegetables during these weeks.

Due to the not-the-warmest-summer-we-had kinda weather made us do other things so instead of planning a picnic on the beach we went for forest walks enjoying the fresh cold air. Playing outdoor games (there is nothing like winning over mom in badminton apparently).

Forest walks with the family picking blueberries and finding chantarells, we all enjoyed  doing (well maybe not the oldest kids so much but they were good sports and came along anyway, in general I must say it is super important for me that my children is spending most of their time outdoors once we are back home, playing in the forest, guessing what trees we are passing and I know it sounds strange perhaps but we tend to not be as much outdoors here so I want them to have a feel of nature). And I didn't hear any "no thank you" once the blueberry pai was on the table...

The food in Sweden, especially during summer is often organic and locally produced which makes the experience of eating even more pleasurable. I love catching up with friends over a nice meal and watching the world go by.

A must for every summer is eating fresh sweet water shrimps with aioli, it's so yummy!

Our middle son plays soccer for JSSL Arsenal here in Singapore and for the third year we went to Gothia cup in Gothenburg which is they biggest youth tournament in soccer, the team played really well and us parents did a fantastic job coaching them on....well we like to think so anyway...

And of course our youngest little munchkin didn't want to loose out on the action either, he wants to be a goali!

Living so close to Stockholm as we do (and has always done in Sweden) it's apparent how "blind" we get to whats in front of us. It truly is a beautiful summer city full of life, green parks and lots to do. At the background of this photograph you can see a glimpse of Gröna Lund one of Swedens oldest and biggest amusement park and also one of those musts with the kids every summer. Eating cotton candy just comes with it to (lucky me).

A lovely summer with family and friends have come to an end, we treasure the moments until next summer and you truly can go back in time just looking at these images so that will have to do until next summer.

Have a lovely day!