My little one/children photographer Singapore

children photographer singapore

This is my youngest one, just turned 5. Even if he will object all his life he will always be our baby, thats just nature being the last kid and having 10 years up to his older brother.
He is the sun in our life, he makes us laugh and feel everyday. Just a few days ago he left his kindergarden he has been at since he was 19 months old for summer holiday and in August he will join his older brother for school.

How can that be such a sentimental moment for me? Saying goodbye to kindy. No big deal. But things like this is super emotional for me, maybe its my inner voice telling me life goes to quickly, you better enjoy it now not later, or just time flies. I’m always the one shedding a tear at school concerts just because I feel the kids are so brave, for summer ending at Swedish school when the kids are singing Swedish summer songs….oh boy, that is a tough one for a softie like me.

I will listen to my inner voice. Once in a while:).

Have a fantastic day,