Maternity session the beach

Even though focus is on the mama-to-be and the bump, we love having hubby and children take part of the session, after all, they are equally excited to meet the newest family member!

This fun family had their photo session on the beach on a crowded Saturday afternoon. You know how busy Singapore gets on weekends right? Yup, that crowded.

Luckily (since I feel it is very important with privacy during a photo session) we managed to find a spot that was only for us. And my heart made happy jumps seeing all the love that was surrounding this maternity session. Building sand castles (and throwing a bit of sand on your parents is all part of the fun) walking along the beach, blowing soap bubbles and loads of laughter and love was part of this maternity session.

Your maternity can be whatever you want it to be, the sky is the limit!

Best wishes and enjoy your day,