a girl and a tree swing/children photographer Singapore

Higher, higher she shouted whilst the wind was playing in her hair, the summer evening was hot and humid and we played until the sun was setting behind the trees.

Can you feel it? The giggle, the pure happiness, the wind in her hair? I for sure can.

One of my absolute fav photo sessions this spring season, was photographing little Miss “A” a couple of weeks back. She is so genuinely happy, curious and much loved little girl.

I had such a happy feeling during our time together, being fully in the moment on that sunny afternoon with her, with the goal already set at the consultation meeting with Mama “S” was the creation of magical and whimsical photographs of her baby girls childhood, happy and carefree. And oh boy, did we get that.

We played on the swing whilst the sun was setting, so serene and silent and the air was getting cooler.
Little Miss “A” giggling “higher higher” until we pushed the swing almost reaching the tree tops.

Best moment ever.