expecting times/family photographer Singapore

The morning was hot and humid.The park was ours to enjoy. We were up early in the morning to capture the best light possible, perhaps a little too early for the little one, and I don’t blame him….waking up early, heading to a park…what’s in it for me, he must have thought.

That was all we needed.

Hundreds of bubbles sweeping through the morning sky, the smiles when looking at them and the giggles trying to catch them, trying to keep just one in his tiny little hand.
This little boy loved bubbles.

I love bubbles too, but more importantly I dance a happy dance when I see love and that sparkle in my clients eyes looking at each other. The love between Mama “K” and daddy “S” is so strong, nothing can tear them apart. Just have a look at the images and you know what I mean.

I am so happy you chose me as your family photographer and I can’t wait to meet you again in August, then with a family of four!