Meet baby Thomas and his big sister/newborn photographer Singapore

Oh sweet Thomas -man you sure are cute. So is your big sister, and she sure does love you (in case you didn’t already know). Your big sis also really loves to jump in the bed. A lot.

You can see the new bonds of the siblings pushing through the dirt like young, green shoots, reaching for the sun. A new relationship that will last a lifetime. If you look close, you can envision the whispered secrets that will be shared in the coming years. The matching pajamas, the bedtime stories told to clean curly heads as they snuggle up to mom and dad. Sisterhood is a special sweetness to behold.

There is a beautiful connection in the images where Thomas is staring right into his mother’s eyes.  Big sister was so excited and friendly –she loved cuddling with her younger brother, AND jumping in the bed:).  The love that this family has for each other and the joy they have in welcoming their new addition is hard to miss!

We loves catching natural moments and real emotions and finds that this approach allows us to capture those few silly or truly heartwarming images that might not have happened if we had been overly involved in directing the session. We cherishes images of our own children that portray their interests and genuine excitement, just as they are, in this moment in life.

Thank you for spending a moment in your lives with me, Phoebe, Thomas and mama F!