My little one/children photographer singapore

As you see Christmas comes early in our home (I have a neighbour that have had the Christmas tree up for weeks....there actually are more people out there loving Christmas as much as I do:)

My little one has been home all week from school, high fever, and today is the first day he is fever free and hopefully it will not come back. So many of his classmates are still home with both fever and runny noses and cough so maybe we got away lucky after seems like there is something just circulating at the moment, so many are sick!

I'm editing the last of 2016's client photos this week, before we head to Sweden on the 6th of December to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. This year I tried to have a deadline, and keeping it, so I could have a few days of Christmas shopping before we fly off....ask me next week how I'm doing haha.

Are you spending Christmas here in Singapore or elsewhere, let me know! Have a wonderful day ahead!