I love Christmas!

I love Christmas. To the degree it actually is a bit silly. I love the mood of the holiday, everyone is cheerful, baking with the family is a yearly tradition, the kiddos are excited to unwrap their pressies and us adults, we look forward to some days off work together with family and friends:).

We have spent the many Christmases in Singapore and it was important to keep our traditions going as we would have done back home in Sweden. 
We are celebrating on the 24th December,  we start the morning with lighting the Christmas tree and LOADS of candles, preparing the Christmas breakfast before waking the kids up. 

The family prepares the lunch together, and just enjoy being together.

At 3 o'clock we are watching a TV show that airs every Christmas Eve in Sweden, and that funny enough is one of those traditions that 95 % of the Swedes stick to and so do we, and at 4 o'clock we are opening the pressies and just enjoying the evening together, usually playing a board game.

Christmas in Sweden is really about spending it with your family at home with nice Christmas food (that you later eat the left overs for days haha).

That's our Christmas Eve, how are you celebrating yours?

May the festive season begin,

PS I will not take on any clients as of now, I will enjoy the festive season and spending time with my family DS