10 ideas to document your Christmas this year!


Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love the atmosphere and the feeling Christmas brings. It's such a beautiful holiday with the lights and the decorations.
Every year I relive my own Christmas through my own little ones.

I am here sharing a few ideas on how to best capture the Festive holiday spirit and the Christmas feeling.

1. Decorating your home
This is my favourite part! On the Saturday before first Advent we (as 99.5 % of homes in Sweden) decorates the homes with seasonal items. It changes the mood of the home to a cozy and warm feeling.
My grandmother, who now sadly has passed away, has hand painted all the little Santa family and their home, every night I light the candle I think of her.

2. Holiday traditions
We all have our own Holiday traditions, the ones that are special to your family. In my family we always bake Gingerbread cookies and making fudge. We celebrate Lucia on the 13th December and to celebrate it we need to have "lussebullar" it's a dough filled with saffron and 2 raisins as decoration.

3. The Christmas tree
We always have a live Christmas tree. Nothing beats the smell and most importantly the FEELING of having a live tree. To this day I still remember my dad when I was little, always coming home the day before Christmas with the ugliest trees, every year. But it didn't matter, me and my brother were all to excited about Christmas to care, and hey what can you expect really, the day BEFORE Christmas, really?

4. Presents under the tree
The excitement of seeing beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, it’s not just for the kids.

5. Wish list to Santa.
Having an image to remember what items were big on the Santa list each year is a great memory to have. Not to mention their cute little handwriting, and the way they spell out the words. These images always bring a smile to my face.

6 .Cookie Baking and Decorating
Why not get some shots of the set up and prep too. Sprinkles, cookie cutters, and little hands all together make a special and sweet image.

7. Hot Chocolate
I am very traditional when it comes to things we do around Christmas. And luckily the rainy season helps to add to the mood of Christmas (since let's face it, it doesn't snow that often in Stockholm for Christmas, so rain is a safer bet). We light our Christmas stars, snuggle up in sofa, air con on and make ourselves a hot Chocolate. If you want to spice it up, add marshmallows or a peppermint stick. 

8. Presents Being Unwrapped
It’s awesome to try and get the facial expressions as someone unwraps their gift. The shock, tears of happiness, or maybe the look of “ socks again?”

9. Bokeh Tree Light
This is a must have image. It’s fun and slightly addicting to manually de-focus, a shot of your tree at night. The glow and colors from the lights still make up the form of the tree. This image is equally beautiful in black and white. To achieve this, just put your lens on manual focus and then de-focus as desired.

10. Enjoy it
I know Christmas sometimes can be stressful (I'm guilty as the next person that most of my Christmas shopping is done the day before Christmas Eve, even though I in September starts thinking about Christmas, so it's not actually a surprise each year is it). So much needs to be arranged, decorated, baked, planned, bought and the list goes on and on. But take a moment and ENJOY this festive season. The kids doesn't care if the house is a mess, or if you would miss baking that one special cookie, they just want to spend it with YOU!

Have a joyful and festive Holiday Season,