Location scouting on a Sunday morning/children photographer Singapore

Iphone pic

Hello! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
I went up really early this morning to check out 3 locations for upcoming photo sessions. I have 2 urban photo sessions coming up and I'm so excited to photographer there, as you know I mostly photograph on either beach or forest so it will be great fun.

A super cute session is coming up this Tuesday, I am bringing a teepee tent, a huge helium balloon, 2 adorable boys and their parents for a fun session, and I had to decide the exact location for it, you know it has to be perfect, I might be a little OCD with my work haha.

The best thing when you are out location scouting is waking up your teenage son on a Sunday, telling him you are going for breakfast and in the car just tell him "just a stop before brekkie, alright.." my youngest is happy as long as he gets to play:).

Wish you a wonderful day and stay tune for some whimsical sessions coming up, urban, beach and forest.