Love the playfulness/family photographer singapore

I love when children are being themselves and yes that may sometimes lead to them doing their own thing and not listening to auntie with the camera and one child is running up the hill whilst the other one is picking flowers and the third one just wants a cuddle with mom! but I just love the chaos (yes I might be a bit weird) since when it's chaos it usually means that everyone is just going with the flow and having fun, so more chaos to the people I'd say!

Mom and Dad were so playful together (on another photo mom and dad are actually playing the hand-clapping game, I think dad really went for the win...although I'm not sure there was one:).

Running, playing, being cheeky, happy, cuddly, tired, loved is a great way to summarise this amazing family session.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneek peak, I can't wait to show you more!