A high school senior photo shoot

Photographing high school seniors or teenagers is so much fun and the most relaxed shoot ever! This photo shoot took place at East Coast beach, the light was amazing and I think we really pulled of the personality of Gabriella! 
Before their session we either meet up or have a phone consultation to discuss clothing, what location they prefer, outfit changes and so on. So once we meet up for the photo shoot itself, it's all fun and giggles from there.

Photographing anyone it's very important to capture THEM and the same goes for my teen/high school senior photo shoots, some are outgoing and others are more shy, and we will photograph them in a way that makes them both comfortable and relaxed.

Usually mom of the teen comes along which always is great, seeing the process and their girl transform in front of the camera is a powerful thing, and while we are at it, we usually capture them together as a lovely memory.

If you have any questions about high school senior photo shoot or even your teen photo shoot, just give me a shout!

Enjoy your day,