A family session in the greenery

I love the way that Grace and Terence looks at their baby girl.
I saw so much love and joy within this family of three when we met up for their photo session a while back. I just love spending mornings like this, it fills my heart with gratefulness and happiness.

Baby Leah, you are such a gorgeous little munchkin, you were a delight to photograph and you clearly had a mission for our photo session, trying to avoid touching the ground with your tiny feet, so cute!

This location is so stunning in it's simplicity, serene and peaceful and no other people around. However, this morning, not only us were up at the crack of dawn but also a few joggers and they just couldn't refuse cuddling with Leah passing by:).

I can't wait to follow your life's adventure, Leah! You are so loved and when growing up, you will feel it and also see it.