A big adventure awaits you/children photographer Singapore

Just got back into the office after photographing this gorgeous little girl in the early morning. Immediately downloading the photos from the camera, eager to start looking at them, knowing I would fine some really beautiful photographs!

She's off for a big adventure to Disney world in Florida in a couple of weeks time, Disney have been visiting Singapore looking for Asian talents and of 1000 young candidates this little girl was one of 30 chosen!
And I think they have done an excellent choice, she is so gorgeous and a natural in front of the camera (which is a good thing if you want to perform:)) and the lovely mix of serious and goofy happy photographs we have of her is all beautiful!
Mama "M" will have a hard time choose her favourites:).

And that hair....sorry I may sound a bit obsessed now....but I LOVE that hair! I would trade that hair any day, anyone wants fine, thin blonde hair perhaps....no? I did't think so haha.

I had a blast photographing you and I wish you a lovely time in Florida and when you are at Disney, promise you say HI! to Mickey Mouse for me, will ya?