Love from my clients!/ family photographer singapore

It made my day to see what Danielle wrote about her family photographs that we captured a few weeks ago, and being the most emotional gal out there, my heart skipped a beat and yup, my eyes teared up....

This is actually what it is all about, creating emotions. For my clients to treasure in the present but also remembering in a couple of years time, their little ones and how much they are loved, and how much they have grown over the years and their personality with it.

And not only for the parents but for the children to look back on happy memories with their family and forever feel the connection between them, that is of super importance! We only remember the big picture, not the small details. Laughter, tiny hands the cuddles those will be forgotten if we do not have proof they happened:).

Thank you so much Danielle for your kind words, you do know how to make someone happy!


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