Vroom! Vroom at The Karting Arena Bukit Timah

On my way to the Karting Arena in Bukit Timah, I felt my heart racing and filled with adrenaline, and I wasn't even racing!
Meeting up with Singapore’s only female race car driver and The Karting Arena’s Marketing Director, Claire Jedrek. The new karting arena has been around for a few months,  Sassy and Sassy mama went over to give it a go. And boy, did they!
Starting off in 30 km/hour just to get a feel of the track but soon enough hitting 50 km/hour....vrooom! I had to pump up that shutter speed to keep up with these girls:).

Just looking at them driving wanted me to try and I will for sure bring my kiddos there, they will love it! Designed by Yuey Tan (a Porsche Carrera Cup Asia driver) you know this arena is different,  their safety aspect (video instructions before starting and  and healthy aspects (the helmets are cleaned with same high-tech Porsche ionizers used by F1 drivers)  the track barriers are the same used as during a F1 race AND the cars are so much silent! Phew...I am one of those that absolutely don't understand why they have to be so LOUD! And they are electric so no fumes of petrol around the arena.

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