The Naka island resort, Phuket

Afternoon tea in the hotel room

Glorious sunset

Lunchtime in the room, such a nice break from saltwater and sunscreen lotion. And the view...Sometimes a view can make you breathless.

I'm the type who over-thinks over thinking. I lay in bed at night unable to sleep because I'm making lists of things to do (grocery list, to-do-lists, people-to-hug lists), and finding ways to continue following my dreams. I wish I could say that I carve out time to just rest...but I don't.
I truly suck at taking breaks. But when I do, I come back rejuvenated and full of creativity!

A few weeks ago we spent 5 nights at The Naka Island resort, Phuket. I wish I could say we went snorkling...or windsurfing...or even bicycling, but we did none of that. In fact, we did none of anything. We slept in, spent time together as a family, ate lovely lunches, we watched the sunset. We let our minds heal.

I strongly believe we will be back to this calm and relaxing island, next time we need to fill up those energy levels:).

Hope you are having a lovely day so far!

The Naka Island  resort, Phuket