Sydney trip part II

Manly beach, Sydney.

Watson's Bay, Sydney

The Boathouse, Sydney

Look at this cheerful bunch, the kids love when i bring up my camera all the time....not so much! And I don't have many of them together so once they are sitting down, I better be there:)

Nope. Not a clue what he's doing...

Blue Mountain, Sydney

Bondi beach, Sydney

When we first visited Sydney over 13 years ago, whilst I liked visiting Sydney, I did not fell in love with it. The last times I have visited however, I have realised just how much I adore it. 

Sydney is fantastic.  
I am now looking at Sydney as somewhere I would seriously consider living, I love the atmosphere, the people and just everything really. Sydney, you know you got my heart! 

The beaches
There are loads of nice beaches close to Sydney, and I love the idea of living in a big cosmopolitan city-but being able to quickly get to the beaches at the weekends, gorgeous big sandy beaches with surfers, shops and cool cafes. My favourite beaches are Bondi Beach, Manly beach and so far also Balmoral (a lot to do with the utterly cool The Boathouse restaurant)

The people
People in Sydney are friendly and nice, and I just love their greeting "G'day mate". Whilst Sydney is a busy city and full of people, the people are still friendly and polite. And while they are living the big city life, they are outdoorsy people which I like a lot. 

The food
The food is amazing, a lot of organically produced and locally produced food makes the food fresh and I love the creativity of the Sydneyrs and their cafe culture, no matter which cafe you end up, you can rest assure you will be served some scrumptious food. So yes, Sydney is a safe bet to visit and you never know maybe one day I will the one greetings tourists with a "G'day mate"!

Manly beach
The Boathouse
Blue Mountains
Watsons Bay