Why food photography

Photographing food. I mean, really? It's just something we people eat as energy, why photograph it.  (I'm hardly the next Julia Child, the everyday food is a nightmare to find new recipes to, I have been known eating yoghurt for dinner and I don't even like to cook!) But I like to photograph it....odd.
It must be the colours. And the memories that are brought back. From a warm summer evening, watching the sunset, pouring a glass of chilled white wine and enjoying fresh water halibut with friends laughing around the big table or the time we had a lovely lunch at a vineyard in Auckland, it just brings me back to that specific place. And the colours.

The memories from this dinner is from this summer in Sweden, it was one of few warm evenings (brrr, such a cold summer this year) we drove to the picturesque village of Trosa and just beside   the canal we found this restaurant specialising in seafood, watching sailboats take off while sipping my Sauvignon Blanc, observing the summer crowd eating their ice cream (and knowing I would have one too...just after dinner made me smile). The last night of our stay back home, I knew I wouldn't see my parents in a long time, enjoying their company. Once the food was placed on the table, we mumbled across the table "mmmm this was nice" and my youngest one shouted "the best I ever had!" but he doesn't count since he only had pancakes haha.

So yes. I guess it's part colours and part memories.

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