Why this lunch is memorable to me/food photography

Auckland, you know you've got my heart. The landscape, the atmosphere, the smiling people, your seasons (oh well...more seasons than Singapore anyway) and your gorgeous food!

One thing you can be sure of is that you will be served lovely food from a smiling waitress. Wherever you are, we found this little pearl outside Auckland by pure luck, we had stopped in a small village and asked for recommendations where to eat and off we went. I never expected the grandeur of the restaurant and surroundings.

In so many ways Auckland reminds me of back home (Sweden that is) especially the northern part of the country, the hillsides (I mean Hobbiton, come on you have seen the movie) with herding sheeps, the wine yards and the olives...the cheese. Oh the home made cheese! 

The way I feel when I visit you makes me smile, energised and relaxed, you truly fill my soul with happy memories. 
I will cherish the memories of my visits until next time I say hello. Or is it G'day.


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